• Will I be considered for ALL scholarships if I don’t complete the financial form?

NO! You must complete the financial form to be considered for ALL scholarships. Checking I prefer not to answer is considered completing the financial form.

And remember your financial information is only seen by one person and is then destroyed for privacy reasons.

  • My combined family income is more than $200,000. Will I qualify for need based scholarships?

Because every family’s circumstances are different it is entirely possible that a family with combined income of $200,000 or more may qualify for a needs based scholarship, especially if there are multiple children attending college.

  • Many scholarships indicate “to be elaborated on in an essay”. Do I need to submit an essay for each scholarship I would like to be considered for?

A separate essay is not required for each scholarship. The Committee has created a broad essay prompt that will allow you to comment on the various requirements of multiple scholarships in one essay.

  • For the Type III Scholarships that require a Department Chair recommendation do I need to get the recommendation from the Department Chair?

No. The Department Chairs’ are aware of the scholarships to be awarded and the Department Chairs make the recommendation to the Committee as to who should be awarded the Scholarship.

  • I lost my application. How do I get another application?

You may obtain another application in one of two ways:

  1. Print an application from our website http://wilbraham-hampdenscholarshipfoundation.org/scholarships/application/
  2. Obtain an application from the MRHS Guidance Office.
  • May I handwrite my application?

Handwritten applications are accepted. However, typed applications are much easier for the scholarship committee to review. Please remember to spell check your application.

  • Are late applications accepted?

Only applications postmarked by the due date of March 8, 2018 will be considered.

  • Can completed applications be dropped off at Minnechaug Regional High School?

No. To ensure applications are timely submitted, completed applications should be mailed to the Minnechaug Scholarship Foundation at:

Wilbraham-Hampden Scholarship Foundation

P.O. Box 441

Wilbraham MA 01095

Please remember to have your application weighed so that you affix the proper postage to your application. 

  • How do I know if my application is complete?

Please use the checklist provided with the application to ensure you are submitting all the required materials before sealing your application envelope and submitting to the Committee.

  • If I have a question while I’m completing my scholarship application who can I ask?

Please send an e-mail with your question to info@Wilbraham-HampdenScholarshipFoundation.org and someone will respond to you.

  • When are the Foundation’s Scholarships awarded?

The scholarships are awarded at the Senior Evening of Recognition generally held in mid-May. Recipients will be invited to attend the evening of recognition but the actual scholarship(s) awarded is only announced at the evening of recognition.