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11 NEW scholarships that will be awarded starting with the Class of 2018!

Class of 2013 Scholarship/Dakota Giordano Memorial ($500)

La Cucina di Hampden House ($1000)

Kindness Rocks Scholarship ($500)

The William and Anna Kober Scholarship ($1000)

MRHS Hall of Fame “Do Good Anyway” Scholarship ($1000)

Pioneer Valley Financial Group Scholarship ($1000)

Project Blueberry Scholarship ($1000)

Wilbraham Hill Climb Scholarship ($1500)

The Wilbraham Shops Scholarship ($1000)

Elaine T. Holdsworth Strings Instrumental Music Scholarship ($500)

John Edward Kober Memorial Scholarship (approx. $300)


Thank you to everyone who purchased Raffle tickets for the drawing held May 10, 2018 at the Minnechaug Regional High School Arts Festival!

 Please visit our Annual Raffle tab to see the lucky winners of this year’s raffle prizes.

Please be sure to patronize our local donors as they help to make our raffle possible!

*   Photography by Duval   * Reflections by Claudia  *

  • La Cucina di Hampden House  *  Mandarin Wilbraham   *  Krazy Jake’s

* LUSO Federal Credit Union   *   Michael St. Marie, CPA   * Century Limousines  *

*  Fitzgerald Attorneys at Law, PC  * PV Financial Group

*  The Woodstock Inn & Resort, Woodstock VT *

Special thanks to John and Dianne Flynn for their continued and generous support

Raffle to benefit Minnechaug Regional High School Graduates applying for scholarships

THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support our fundraising efforts by purchasing a ticket or two for the raffle.  All proceeds from the raffle go directly to fund scholarships for graduating seniors.